Wild Chrome

A collection of 21 short SF stories published by Ticonderoga Publications. 


“Resuscitates Australian science fiction with unique and vivid story telling.” – MARIANNE DE PIERRES

"This is a tour de force and by itself is proof that Gregory Mellor is a writer to watch in the way we kept an eye on Ursula K. Le Guin and Brian W. Aldiss and Roger Zelazny when they were setting out, learning to pilot their burning imaginations into the realm of words shaped to ignite the dreams of their readers." – DAMIEN BRODERICK

"Greg Mellor is one of those writers who's not afraid of big ideas. Charged with kinetic energy, his stories interrogate the intersection of art and science, rekindling the sense and spirit of wonder that fuels science fiction’s core." – CAT SPARKS

"The stories will resonate long after you've read the last page." – COSMOS MAGAZINE


"Australian wondersmith." - NEW YORK REVIEW OF SCIENCE FICTION

"Firmly places prolific Australian author Mellor as a champion of intellectual science fiction." – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 

Steel Angels

An exciting new novella due out soon.


Micah is trying to leave his mercenary days behind, but catching an angel was never part of his retirement plan. The angels see what we cannot see and feel what we cannot feel – they are evolving human consciousness. And the powers that remain below on the hot, ravaged Earth will do whatever it takes to unlock the angels’ secrets.

When Micah finds the helium eyries high up in the stratosphere he cannot avoid being drawn in by the cold beauty of the angel called Gale. There is history up here where the angels are salvaging what is left of the world’s space technology, and there is a shared dream of a brighter future that does not involve humans.

Micah soon gets caught between the old world and the new, a reluctant pawn in a high stakes game. But when the fighting breaks out, which side will he take?

Weapons of Choice

 A Combat Ultras novella due out soon.


Michael Levesque’s systems malfunction on the mission to 61 Cygni. He starts to feel real human emotions again – grief for his fallen comrades, fear of his childhood memories, a rekindled love for the beautiful combat ultra, Chenzira Nwosu.

But there is no reprieve in this endless war. Thousands of relic ships are awakening across the colonised systems and destroying everything in their path. Michael rejoins the ultra ranks, but his newfound feelings run the risk of derailing him completely. Lurching from one crisis to another, he finds himself confronted by one of the deadly alien pilots, Kai’el. In the savage bonding with her mind he sees things that rock the very core of his humanity.

Now he must make choices that could change everything. Choices about allegiances and battle strategies. But most important of all are the choices about weapons. 

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