In a nutshell

Welcome to my website. I am an Australian science fiction writer with over 50 short stories published.

My first book Wild Chrome brought together some of the most popular stories and I was astonished and humbled by how it was received by readers and fellow authors – thank you!

I’ve been writing science fiction for as long as I can remember, but it turned  a corner when “Defence of the Realm” appeared in Cosmos Magazine. This was my first professional publication and since then I have been lucky enough to see more stories featured in Cosmos, Clarkesworld Magazine, Aurealis and a variety of Australian and US anthologies. Check out my interviews on Aussie Snapshot for more information.

I'm now working on two exciting SF novellas Steel Angels and Weapons of Choice. I hope you enjoy these new books as much as the first. I also hope you enjoy the amazing artwork by Jamie and Leanne Tufrey.

I'm always looking for opportunities to talk about writing or collaborate on new projects, so  please feel free to contact me here or on Facebook.

Happy reading.